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Rotary Type

Rotary Type:

This is an ARCSAR technology-based slope deformation monitoring radar with a horizontal scanning range of 360°. It can be used for long-distance, large-scale and high-precision non-contact slope deformation measurement. It is widely applied in open-pit mine stopes, open-pit mine dumps, geological disaster monitoring and other fields, as well as the early warning of landslide disasters.

 Product Features:

  • All-round monitoring: ARCSAR technology, 360° all-round measurement

  • High integration: integrated structure, IP66 protection

  • Portability: weight of a single module: ≤ 25 kg; maximum side length: ≤ 1.5 m

  • High adaptability: normal operation in alpine areas, high altitude, high humidity and heat, and rainstorm/snowstorm conditions

  • High degree of intelligence: system self-diagnosis and repairment, equipment status monitoring and reporting, etc.

  • All-weather and all-day: 24-h continuous monitoring, adaptive to various climatic conditions

  • Non-contact: involving no construction in risk areas

  • Surface monitoring: millions of monitoring data points can be obtained from each displacement image

  • Intelligent algorithm: automatically removes external environmental interference

  • Suitable for the integration of multiple sensors (cameras, weather stations, etc.) and radar network monitoring

Target typeBare surface
Deformation accuracy≤0.1mm
Resolution0.25m(R) x 5.2mrad/0.3°(A)
Monitoring range(Horizontal)360°
Monitoring range(Vertical)60°
SizeScanning radius ≤1.2m,maximum side length ≤1.5m
WeightRadar is ≤ 48kg,and the weight of single module is ≤ 25kg
Scan timeA circle ≤ 1min
Data update rate30s/90°
Power consumption≤ 48W
Operating temperature-40℃~60℃
Protection levelIP66


RacoSensor has successively developed multiple series of radar products and their application systems for slope deformation monitoring and airport runway foreign object debris (FOD) detection.




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